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Parenting Technology

Families are engulfed in technology, but it can become deeply personal.

By Stephen Hackett Twitter icon 

My worst interaction with technology most days had been a sick Windows laptop, and my best involved monkeying with a new audio system. Most of us view technology within the frame of our personal and professional lives: a company like Apple, an e-reader like the Kindle, or an operating system like Windows.

I had my view abruptly broadened three and a half years ago when my son Josiah was diagnosed with an invasive, mid-grade Astrocytoma Glioma brain tumor. Technology has never loomed larger in our lives, even though we felt surrounded by it before.

It was discovered after a six-month checkup when our pediatrician ordered an ultrasound of his head. Our doctor had some concerns about Josiah’s head size, coupled with the fact that he...

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