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One Computer Worked Better

A single machine is more efficient than syncing between two.

By Ben Brooks Twitter icon 

Recently, I mentioned in passing how I had moved from a one-computer setup to a two-computer setup: keeping one machine at work and one at home. I further differentiated the machines by only having work-related items on the work machine (so only had my work email account on it, and so forth). My work-only machine was my MacBook Air, while the computer at home, a Retina MacBook Pro, had both work and personal stuff on it.

This seemed like an ideal split: I never sent email from the wrong account, I felt more efficient at work, and I only had to carry my iPad from home to work and back. But it was only a few weeks before the drawbacks set in and I reverted to a single machine that I always bring with me.

Before I divided my...

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