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Quality Time

It’s time to stand up for what’s important: not you.

By John Moltz Twitter icon 

Illustration by Grant Snider.

Technology invades every aspect of our lives. Computers, tablets, smartphones. Email, Pinterest, Twitter. Instagram, smoke detectors, Facebook, um, uh, pace…makers. All of these things are constantly vying for our attention, begging us to ignore those around us and get drawn into trivial tasks like friending, starring, poking, destroying evidence, pinning, and regulating adequate heart rate.

Well, no longer will they vie for my attention. Today, the great experiment begins. Yes, as of today I am going cold turkey, cutting myself off. Oh, you’ve seen those holier-than-thou posers who make a big deal about leaving Twitter or who drop off the Internet so they can write a series of articles about the experience. But this is different.

Because for an entire year I am going to give up all direct personal contact in order to fully connect with my devices. That’s right, I have sealed myself in my home office with my devices and several fire extinguishers and will not come out for a year.

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