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From Issue #6 December 20, 2012

Master of Band Administration

Running a gigging band prepares you for a real life in business.

By Chris Breen Twitter icon 

Browse through the curriculum of any good business school that charges a tuition equivalent to Kurdistan’s gross domestic product, and you’ll find courses in analytical thinking, financial accounting, leadership, managerial skills, and organizational behavior. At the end of your two-year hitch, you’ll have the theoretical foundation to join the ranks of a first-world nation’s industrial titans — and almost none of the practical knowledge you’ll need to succeed.

Were I in a position to make such decisions, I might tack an additional year onto your generic MBA program to aid in that practical knowledge. Your mission: Form and lead a gigging band and keep it together for that year. Lose a member to self-indulgence or internal strife, and kiss your degree goodbye. Have the band revoke your leadership role and toss you straight to a solo career, and you’ll be barred from managing more than the arrangement of the local Piggly Wiggly’s peanut butter shelf.

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