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The New Disruptors

The Magazine’s editor and publisher Glenn Fleishman hosts The New Disruptors, a weekly podcast that features interviews with artists, creators, producers, and makers who have bypassed conventional funding, distribution, or production (and sometimes all three) to reach audiences directly.

Each episode of The New Disruptors features a different person or team that’s made their own path in life, from the designers of the crowdfunded Glif to the makers of the film Indie Game: The Movie to the Internet’s favorite musician, Jonathan Coulton. Past episodes can be heard at The New Disruptors Web site, and you can subscribe to the podcast through iTunes, the Podcasts app, Instacast, or any podcast program. The direct podcast feed is

The Magazine Live Readings and Interviews

The Magazine occasionally posts audio from live events and interviews with our authors.


For our article “Good to the Last Drop,” about the potential link between caffeine overconsumption by marathon runners and finish-line heart-attack deaths, author Jen A. Miller talks to Glenn about her research and her passion related to this story.

John Patrick Pullen wrote in “A Beacon of Hope” about a small town in eastern Washington that wants to build a 60-foot-tall lava lamp. He explained how wonderful the residents are and how the plan is actually plausible.

The Magazine was part of Lit Crawl 2013 in Seattle, and writers Nancy Gohring and Matthew Amster-Burton, along with editor Glenn, read some of their work aloud to a live audience. Nancy read “Laid Out,” Glenn intoned “The Sound of Silence,” and Matthew performed from his book, “Pretty Good Number One.” You can listen to a recording below (in the browser or click to download).