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Letters to the Editor

Shots, Puns, and Dungeons

By The Editor Twitter icon 

On “Give It Your Best Shot


Thank you for posting a well-written anti-vax story. It will likely cost you some logic-lacking idiots as subscribers, as this topic is always a time bomb, but I applaud you. When parents make ill-informed decisions, children suffer (and apparently sometimes so do their as-yet-unborn siblings). Any attempt to convince more parents is just so welcome.


Great article, and very topical in the midst of a measles outbreak in Swansea — over 800 confirmed cases of measles.


If I wanted to read mainstream propaganda like this piece-of-crap article, I could’ve turned to any mainstream news publication or turned to any doctor in America who is handsomely paid off by the pharmaceutical industry (often up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year per doctor).

I thought that I was subscribing to a magazine that actually dived deeper than the shallow lies & twisted tales perpetrated by mainstream hucksters of the 21st Century, such as the shills for the destructive pharmaceutical industry. Consider your magazine on final notice from me. One more shallow, insulting, and deceptive article like this one and I will permanently cancel my subscription.

Have a great day!

We stand by the well-documented facts, described in a huge amount of peer-reviewed and statistical research linked in the article.


My reaction to “Give It Your Best Shot” was profoundly visceral. The thought of anti intellectualism degrading — and ultimately eliminating — the scientific progress in public health made over the past decades is troubling to say the least. The article’s premise of “stooping to the level” of vaccine deniers by using persuasive narratives instead of fact only reduces my opinion of those who willfully ignore the evidence that could help save our very species.

To be clear, the author, pediatrician Saul Hymes, proposes turning facts into compelling but accurate stories — not fairy tales that require as much belief as the scientifically unfounded alternatives.

On “Feed Me, See More


When the pun hit me, it was an epiphany. (Perhaps I’m slow on the uptake.)

Our job here is done.

On Jack Chick’s “Dark Dungeons

Rev. Adam:

Just to back up your comments on the Jack Chick tracts being hilarious to Christians, I am an ordained United Methodist pastor who spent a significant portion of my adolescent and teenage years playing Dungeons and Dragons. (The only reason I don’t play today is a of lack of time.) Despite my years with the game, I have never sacrificed a goat or attempted to cast a “mind bond” spell on anyone. However, I have tried a Jedi Mind Trick, with poor results.


For the record, I am a devout Christian, I’ve already seen the Chick tracts, and I thought they were hilarious. I’ve never experienced D&D proper, but I have played an online video game based on it (Neverwinter Nights). I also once gave my brother the Monster Manual as a birthday gift because I knew he would enjoy the artwork.

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