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The Magazine published 58 issues over more than two years on a wide variety of subjects of interest to curious people. It ceased publication on December 18, 2014.

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The Magazine ceased publication on December 18, 2014 with Issue #58. See our FAQ for more details.
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Unipiper free

Portland’s bagpiping, Darth Vader mask wearing, unicycling hero.

Ain’t What It Used To Be

Relics of our own lives can bring regret or warm our hearts.


The Homebrew Computer Club’s crowdfunded reunion is the future’s past.

For Whom the Kale Tolls

Here’s a radical idea: let’s talk about gentrification without saying the word hipster.

I’ll Fry Anything Once

Tempura restaurants will unpretentiously dip anything in oil.

A Model Life

A visit with those living at 1:12 scale.

Transit-Story Housing

Carville was San Francisco’s streetcar neighborhood, where artists, lady bicyclists, and other bohemians hung out.

The Most Boring Machine

A tunnel-making behemoth has already chewed up and spat out one politician.

Last Words free

“I love you,” his mother said, when he thought she was beyond speech.

New Disruptors 54 and 55 free

Podcast episodes about crowdfunding T-shirts and the Boing Boing editors interviewed.
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