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Give it a nice squeeze.

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Accordion photo by Keegam Shamlian

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We ache a bit for the past in this issue of The Magazine — some of the ache is nostalgia, some is practical, some about family, and some about what has been taken away and can’t be restored. We can’t look ahead without glancing back.

Liana Aghajanian explains the enduring appeal of the accordion, which is the Main Squeeze for an increasing number of musicians. The accordion is an invention of the 19th century that hit its peak in America in the mid 20th century through successive waves of immigrants, each of which had adopted the squeezebox as their own. After a post-Welk decline, the accordion finds itself the center of attention again. (The photos for this article are by Liana’s partner, Keegam Shamlian.)

(Enjoy watching some Lawrence Welk, as well as Stan Freberg making fun of him.)

Justine Ickes spent some time with her Turkish husband’s parents, knowing little of their language and sometimes crossing custom. Yet she finds, in My Hazelnut Heart, that family and common sense cross all boundaries.

The death of someone you know is never taken lightly, whatever influence that person has had in one’s life. In the case of Lori Adorable, she has written A Requiem for Scott MacNally, a teacher who took part of her youth from her, and whose passing she wished for devoutly. She discovered his poorly hidden secrets through Google, and news of his death came by smartphone. But with his demise, Lori reflects on whether the persistence of memory on the Internet will ever give her freedom from the past.

That shot of a crazy scientist or slightly risqué old-style dancing doesn’t just appear out of thin air. Rather, stock footage archives index and provide this kind of material on demand for television, movies, and online projects. Colleen Hubbard looks at the End of the Reel as she visits Oddball Film + Video, a small company with quirky archives that persists among giants like Corbis and Getty.


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You can purchase our complete archives, almost 300 articles, as a DRM-free ebook in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats.
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