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Editor’s Note

In the jungle, the mighty jungle.

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The cover of issue 50

Inside an exhibition coal mine. Photo by Chris Higgins.

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Editor’s note note: Managing Editor Brittany Shoot pens this issue’s introduction, as she has an especially deep affinity for its topics.

All of the articles in this issue of The Magazine were written by regular and longtime contributors. It is, as always, an honor to publish the excellent work of our writers, and a delight to see how their seemingly disparate stories fit into a neat little theme of survival in the wilds of our big, beautiful world.

In The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Jen A. Miller explores an abandoned New Jersey drive-thru safari park and learns that it really is a jungle out there. Many safari parks in the United States have been successful ventures, including Florida’s Lion Country Safari, the nation’s first so-called cageless zoo. Miller explores the reclaimed space near her home — and its haunting (and possibly haunted) legacy.

Christa Mrgan tracked down a different kind of elusive creature in Unicorn Chaser, in which she chronicles her father’s maker and mistaker tendencies. Just because a man can build a koi pond or tinker his way to a functional hovercraft prototype does not mean he is nearly so adept at interpersonal relationships.

Chris Higgins takes a mantrip of his own in Accompanied Miner, his journey below the earth’s crust to learn about his family’s coal miner roots. West Virginia is often thought of as a ravaged state, bisected by a devastating industry and poverty. But it is rich in both majestic beauty and the deep, abiding kindness of its residents; its history should be respected and preserved. My own maternal lineage traces to the same West Virginia region that the Higgins clan hails from. Even though I visit rarely, I think often of the stately hollers — and also, the subterranean shuttles — that act as veins burrowing into the heart of the mountains.

Mining a different sort of resource and talent pool, Celeste LeCompte introduces us to the man behind a full-fledged makerspace in Basra, Iraq. In Hackerspace in the Garden of Eden, we meet a man, mired in an oil-rich region, trying to help people explore creative and entrepreneurial expression without relying on part-time power and diesel generators.

And now back to Glenn for the rest of this note.

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You can purchase our complete archives, almost 300 articles, as a DRM-free ebook in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats.
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