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Editor’s Note

Our Year Two book update. And: it floats.

By Glenn Fleishman Twitter icon 

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The cover of issue 54

Photo by Rebecca Baker

Year Two anthology update

Halfway through the time we set for our Kickstarter project to fund production of our Year Two anthology in print and distribute the electronic version for free, we’re about one-third of the way through funding.

If you missed the news, we’ve selected 29 articles and essays from our second year of publication, October 2013 to October 2014, to create our second handsome, full-color hardcover volume. It’ll be identical in size and quality to our first. Back it at $30, and get the hardcover volume sent to you (includes US shipping); at higher levels, we thank you in the book.

To promote interest and disseminate our writers’ words more broadly, we’ve unlocked our Year One collection’s digital editions in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats. If you help fund Year Two, you will be part of what lets us produce the hardcover edition and distribute the electronic version for free.

Our authors get paid a reprint fee for this edition; your support lets us contribute to their ability to tell the great stories we’re featuring in this volume.

In our announcement, we said we thought the international shipping cost was so high that we weren’t going to offer it as an option. But readers spoke! So we added a $60 option to cover the true cost of shipping to most of the world. We’re sorry for the price, but about five percent of copies sent outside America arrived damaged (in one case, the post destroyed a reader’s mailbox and the book!) or never arrived, and we had to reship, even though we chose the most reliable method. Thanks for those of you who want to support us and want the book so badly you’re willing to cope with the price.

We should also note that we are including a package of our Year One (shipped immediately on the campaign’s conclusion) and Year Two hardcovers for $55 within the US. (If you want the Year One book by itself, we lowered the price to $25 at Amazon for a limited time. You can order it and have it in a couple of days.)

Those who want to provide support at a higher level, essentially accelerating our ability to fund the project, have three options, all of which include the signatures of your faithful editor and all the contributors.

  • At $100, you get the hardcover and are thanked on the book’s dedication page. (Add $30 for international.)

  • For $200, five hardcover copies and the same thanks.

  • You can also become an angel and pledge $1,000. We’ll give you even more prominent thanks in the book, let you pick your favorite cover and send you a framed version, and deliver 10 signed copies of the book to your address or up to 10 different addresses.

We so appreciate your support. It’s exciting to think about producing a second hardcover applying all the lessons we learned from the first.

What happens next

We noted last issue that we will be ceasing publication after our December 18 issue, #58. Since we’re producing a full slate of two issues (on the 4th and 18th) in December, we will cancel subscriptions as of January 1, 2015, and prorate refunds.

Based on subscription cycles, you may be charged after December 18th for monthly or yearly renewals, but we’ll either cancel those out or refund them, depending on whether you subscribe through Apple’s iTunes Store or directly.

Those of you who very nicely purchased subscriptions through last year’s Kickstarter campaign will have varying amounts of time left, and I’ll contact you individually to discuss refunds and options after December.

Our intent is to keep the app up to date, as we are working with TypeEngine, and will be able to flow through improvements as they come. We plan to keep accounts active and the Web site fully reachable, too.

Although we don’t have any specific plans yet, we may produce special editions that can be purchased as individual issues in the app and on the Web site, as well as be distributed through online electronic bookstores.

In this issue

As we near the demise of our regular issues, perhaps we’re thinking too much about death and the end of things. But we also like to celebrate the life of something that has the right length. Add to that being a week away from Halloween, and we have an issue that’s mildly macabre, but we hope it will bring you solace and insight as well.

Kristen Bahler finds New Life in a Dying Profession, in which young morticians cast off the dour manner of their predecessors to more fully help people experiencing loss to encompass the full life led by their loved ones.

The House Doesn’t Levitate shouldn’t be as reassuring as it is. Leah Dearborn looks into a home in Chittenden, Vermont, formerly a mecca of spiritualism. A fraught history that combined misleading the gullible and an apparent genuine sense of the mystic isn’t forgotten in the small town.

Colleen Hubbard finds a new technology producing an otherwordly effect. A Record of an Apparition is literally that: a Jack White LP that reveals a hovering angel in the right light when the album is spinning. It’s an artisan-created, handcrafted hologram.

Finally, Therese Oneill visits Ghosts of the Estate Sale, and passes over into the other side after filling herself with memories that aren’t hers.


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Glenn Fleishman is the editor and publisher of The Magazine, and contributes reguarly to the Economist, Boing Boing, TidBITS, and Macworld. The father of two, Glenn won two episodes of Jeopardy! in 2012, and he won't let you forget it.

You can purchase our complete archives, almost 300 articles, as a DRM-free ebook in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats. We ceased publication of new work on December 18, 2014.
You can purchase our complete archives, almost 300 articles, as a DRM-free ebook in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats.
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