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Editor’s Note

Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

By Glenn Fleishman Twitter icon 

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The cover of issue 56

Cover photo by Neil Silverwood.

Put a T on it

We collaborated with our friends at Cotton Bureau, the same folks who made the wonderful robo-cat T-shirt for our Kickstarter in 2013, on a commemorative shirt for The Magazine that celebrates our 28-month run as a regularly produced publication, from October 2012 until our imminent last issue in December 2014.

The front features our cover logo and frame in the same color used on Issue #1. The back brackets our end-of-story icon with the starting and ending dates of our publication run. This is our alpha and omega.

This shirt is an American Apparel tri-blend tri-black with long-lasting, water-based ink. I have other Cotton Bureau shirts printed using this combination, and the colors and ink remain vibrant and intact after many washings. The cost is $30 plus shipping. (Shipping is $5 to US destinations, $10 to Canada, and $15 to the rest of the world.)

If you’ve read this far, I can even offer an inducement: use the coupon code SEEWDEAE at checkout for 10 percent off the cost of the shirt. As with all Cotton Bureau shirts, our design is available for a limited time: until December 2 at 2 p.m. Eastern Time.

Getting our Year One hardcover anthology

Our Kickstarter campaign for a second anthology didn’t meet its funding goal, which is sad, but we were realistic about what the budget was. Thanks to all of you who participated in that campaign!

We do have about 200 copies left of our gorgeous Year One anthology, which can be shipped worldwide immediately. If you’d like a copy as a gift or for yourself, you’ll help support us as we transition into new projects, including other books in the future.

The Year One collection has 28 essays and costs $25. Shipping is included within the US; you can have copies shipped to Canada for $5 per order and $10 per book, and to the rest of the world for $10 per order and $20 per book. (Washington residents will find sales tax is added during checkout.) Read more about the collection and what’s included on our Book page.

In this issue

We look deep within for hidden meaning in this issue, starting with the improbable juxtaposition of a teacher of the divine who also loves the art of boxing, and who has found himself in a small city in southern China. Brent Crane tells us firsthand about Boxing and God in Shantou, where Kelly Nicholson holds forth on the sweet science and the sweetness of our souls.

The theremin reached public consciousness several years ago, when the story of its inventor percolated out — improbable and terrible — and people associated the unearthly sound it makes with spooky sci-fi and horror. But there’s another sound you hear in movies all the time, and its inventor, Richard Waters, remains unheralded. Rachel Zaimont has found the Music of the Night: the waterphone, designed by an eccentric, committed craftsman, who passed away last year. His daughter and a collaborator, who met the creator through a chance encounter, are continuing his instrument’s legacy and production.

Hidden gardens abound, but none is quite so curious as what Colleen Hubbard finds in A Garden, His Quarry. Across the second half of the 19th century, Henry Trevor built a folly — an enormous one, full of whimsy, craft, and cultivated plants. He died in 1897, and it fell into disrepair until its legend reached the ears of a garden historian in the 1970s. As it is restored, it may not remain a secret.

Finally, Naomi Arnold takes us down under Down Under. Our New Zealand correspondent finds cavers who Delve Deep to prise new secrets from the earth. Kieran Mckay and his colleagues found the deepest cave in the southern hemisphere and connected two cave systems to form one of the deepest end-to-end trips in the world. He’s set his sights higher — or lower, rather — as he maps more of the unknown world.

Ever closer to the completion

This is our third-to-last or antepenultimate issue. We will stop accepting new monthly and yearly subscriptions on December 1, 2014, and stop billing existing subscriptions after our last issue on December 18. (Our monthly commitment is two issues, so we will bill for the month of December up until that date, as two issues are included.) We will cancel outstanding subscriptions at the end of December and begin prorating outstanding balances starting January 2, 2015.

As noted before, our plan is to keep the app up to date and the Web site active indefinitely. You can download any issues you’ve purchased or that appeared during a subscription in EPUB and MOBI ebook formats from our Web site.

We’ll be in direct touch with anyone who received a subscription through our December 2013 Kickstarter to sort out a prorated return, because we don’t have a path to get money to you.


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Glenn Fleishman is the editor and publisher of The Magazine, and contributes reguarly to the Economist, Boing Boing, TidBITS, and Macworld. The father of two, Glenn won two episodes of Jeopardy! in 2012, and he won't let you forget it.

You can purchase our complete archives, almost 300 articles, as a DRM-free ebook in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats. We ceased publication of new work on December 18, 2014.
You can purchase our complete archives, almost 300 articles, as a DRM-free ebook in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats.
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