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About The Magazine

The Magazine ceased publication on December 18, 2014. The following information is for archival purposes.

The Magazine is a subscriber-supported, independently produced electronic periodical that comes out every other Thursday and features four (sometimes more) medium-length features designed to appeal to curious people with a technical bent. We’ve written about a proposed 60-foot-tall lava lamp, the serious business of cosplay, making clear ice, the preservation of wood type on the banks of Lake Michigan, and pinhole lenses for digital single-lens reflex cameras — and so much more.

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What we do

Subscriptions to The Magazine include full access to the archives, and a single subscription provides access via both iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) and Web browsers (mobile, laptop, and desktop). We don’t currently support Android or Windows Phone through native applications, but the Web browser offers all the same features and a very similar reading experience. If you subscribed via iOS, you can enable your Web account, and vice versa. Read our FAQ entry on turning on a Web account in iOS, or an iOS account on the Web.

The Magazine is free of advertising to visitors and subscribers. We are entirely supported by subscription fees, which allow us to pay our editors, writers, photographers, and illustrators at rates as good as or better than most mainstream print publications.

The Magazine was founded in October 2012 by Marco Arment, the founder of Instapaper and Tumblr’s first employee, and sold in May 2013 to Glenn Fleishman, the publication’s editor since shortly after its start. (For more about the details of the transition and our future plans, read “Under Old Management.”)


Glenn Fleishman, who fills both the editor and publisher roles, has been a freelance journalist for two decades, worked at in its early days, still writes regularly for The Economist, and is a two-time Jeopardy champion. Glenn also writes a blog.

Brittany Shoot, managing editor, is a writer, editor, and photographer who recently spent three years working in Copenhagen before returning to San Francisco. She writes for several magazines, including TIME, Mental Floss (where she is also a columnist), San Francisco, Spirituality & Health, and Sojourners.

Scout Festa is the regular proofreader for The Magazine, and catches us out for misplaced commas, missing hyphens, and phraseology errors.

Our authors, photographers, and illustrators are freelance contributors.

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