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Last Issue Is December 18, 2014

Hello, readers,

The Magazine will stop publishing its every-other-week issues following its December 18, 2014 issue, cancel all outstanding subscriptions, and automatically or manually provide pro-rated refunds (either through Apple or directly) for subscriptions that continue past December 31, 2014. (We will be in touch directly with Kickstarter backers who subscribed via our Year One book campaign.)

We will continue to make the app available as well as our Web site for the indefinite future, and you’ll have access to any issues you purchased or that appeared during subscriptions.

It’s been a wonderful run, and you can continue to support our form of independent publishing by backing our The Magazine: The Book (Year Two) anthology, which is currently a project underway at Kickstarter. If funded, we can produce a second edition of our best stories, this time from our second year in publication. Backers will get a hardcover edition and support the free release of the electronic edition.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

—Glenn Fleishman