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Ebook Upgrade Offer

Thank you so much for purchasing the hardcover edition of The Magazine: The Book! We’re delighted to offer you the ebook edition in unlocked (DRM-free) PDF, EPUB, and MOBI (Kindle compatible) versions for an additional $5 (retail price is $15). The ebook formats can be read on any compatible device or using any compatible software, and there are no restrictions or locks on moving them among your hardware and software.

The ebook also contains 10 extra stories! It has the 28 articles and essays in the print edition plus another 80 pages of stories, photographs, and illustrations.

What we ask is that you email us proof of purchase in any form. You can send us a picture of the hardcover in your hands or a copy of your electronic receipt, and we will send you instructions on paying the $5 and how to redeem the book at this site.

Thank you very much!

— Glenn Fleishman, Editor & Publisher