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Kindle Subscriptions

Kindle subscriptions were discontinued in May 2013.

Kindle subscriptions are $1.99 per month and include automatic wireless delivery of every new issue (where available) in the native Kindle magazine format.

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Differences with Kindle subscriptions

Automatic Wireless Delivery

Like other Kindle periodicals, Kindle subscribers can receive new issues automatically on their Kindle devices as they become available.

Free Trial

All Kindle periodicals, including The Magazine, come with a free 30-day trial.


Kindle subscriptions are separate from our other subscriptions: they’ll work on all of your Kindle devices and Kindle apps, but accessing The Magazine’s website or apps will require a separate subscription. (We’re investigating ways to combine these subscriptions, but we don’t know if it will be possible or practical.)

Back Issues

The Magazine’s website and app subscriptions allow access to all back issues as long as the subscription is active. But if your subscription ends, you lose access to all issues until you resubscribe.

Kindle subscriptions work like traditional magazines: they don’t include back issues, but you always have access to whichever issues were released during your subscription period. You can download and read those issues even after your subscription ends.

Individual Issues

You can buy individual issues on Kindle for $1.29. (Individual issues aren’t available elsewhere yet.)

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